The Jawaid Khaliq Boxing Academy

The JKBA Young Person's Boxing Class Highlights:

• Comprehensive Program: Covering introduction, warm-up, technique learning, pad work, bag training, skill development, conditioning, supervised sparring, and cool-down.

• Promoting Valuable Life Skills: Focus on safety, respect, teamwork, fitness, and confidence-building. Individuals will be developing self-control, enhancing physical fitness, and nurturing mental health and well-being.

• Great Place for Fun and Discipline : The JKBA is a great place for young individuals to thrive, have fun, learn respect, and release stress while developing valuable life skills.

•Certified Coaches: All instructors are approved by England Boxing for top-tier coaching and safety standards

Teen’s, Adult’s and Women’s Class Highlights

•All Skill Levels: Suitable for beginners and experienced boxers.

•Structured Workouts: Includes warm-up, technique training, and conditioning.

•Optional Sparring: Controlled sparring sessions available with safety gear.

• Fitness and Stress Relief: Improve fitness and relieve stress through engaging workouts.

•Safety Priority: Qualified coaches ensure a safe training environment.