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The Jawaid Khaliq Boxing Academy

The Jawaid Khaliq Boxing Academy (The JKBA) has been operating successfully for the last 17 years in Nottingham. As an ex-world champion, Jawaid understands the importance that physical well-being and mental strength can bring to an individual’s life and how it can empower and change a person’s perspective.

Our primary intention is to inspire and engage young people through the art of boxing and fitness. In the words of Jawaid Khaliq “boxing has taught me discipline, endurance, intelligence, and power”. These are the key fundamentals that Jawaid is passionate, dedicated and motivated to instil in disaffected young people, the opportunity to make positive lifestyle choices with support.

The JKBA offers the finest coaching for both seniors and juniors, from beginner’s level upwards. The Club Boxing team competes throughout the year at various events both in the UK and abroad. Our Current Junior and Senior Boxing Teams are amongst the Strongest in the country. We have regular amateur boxing shows against other counties and cities.

Jawaid Khaliq

Founder of The JKBA

Jawaid Khaliq, MBE, is a British former professional boxer who competed from 1997 to 2004. A dual Pakistan national, he became the first British Asian boxing World Champion, winning the IBO Welterweight title in 2001. This milestone paved the way for other young Asian boxers to aspire to become professional athletes. Jawaid successfully defended his title seven times. Jawaid took up boxing at the age of 16 and within a short span of time, he went on to win the Amateur Boxing Association of England Championships and fought for England.

Jawaid also held multiple regional Championships, including the Commonwealth Welterweight Title in 2000 and The WBF Inter-Continental Light Middleweight Title. Whilst boxing, Jawaid also worked as a taxi driver to support his family and initially went back to the trade after retirement, later using it to fund The Jawaid Khaliq Boxing Academy. Jawaid received a prestigious award, an MBE for his outstanding and dedicated service to his community.

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Thank you to our Media Team

Thank you to Lesley Jane Parker at Peppercrew Photography and Clive Wood Sports Photography for always supporting our work, you both are thorough professionals with exceptional skills and qualities, the finest in the business.

Our Supporters

We are thrilled to announce that The Jawaid Khaliq Boxing Academy has received support from the National Lottery Awards for All Community Fund.

This invaluable funding has enabled us to make a significant impact in our community by promoting physical and mental well-being. Our boxing academy is dedicated to providing a safe and supportive environment where young children and vulnerable groups can thrive.

*Key Benefits of Our Program:*

Physical and Mental Well-Being: Through our structured boxing and mental wellbeing sessions, participants gain strength, resilience, and confidence.

Youth Engagement: Our programs keep young children off the streets, offering them a positive outlet and constructive activities.

Pro-Social Behaviours: By fostering teamwork, discipline, and respect, we help cultivate a sense of community and pro-social behaviours among our participants.

Combating Obesity: Regular physical activity through boxing helps in addressing obesity, promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Building Discipline and Resilience: Our training programs instil discipline, perseverance, and resilience, equipping participants with essential life skills.

Thank you to the National Lottery players whose contributions make our work possible. Your support is helping us transform lives and build a stronger, healthier community.

Together, we are making a difference.


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